About Dirt Bike Resources

The goal of DIRT BIKE RESOURCES is to provide dirt bike riders with a valuable resource of dirt bike related information, knowledge and product references. Additionally, DIRT BIKE RESOURCES is mobile friendly.

My name is Jeff Anderson. I have been riding dirt bikes for over 40 years and have raced many motocross events here in Colorado. Now, though, my racing days are over. However, I still enjoy riding motocross regularly at the local race track in Colorado Springs, CO in spite of the physical limitations I face now that I am older. Motocross riding is, for me, an enjoyable activity as part of my fitness regimen. Without the pressure of racing, I feel I can have fun with less risk. I also enjoy mountain biking, which I now spend more time doing than motocross.

Perhaps my skill set is not so unique, but I have done a lot of work on dirt bikes over the years. Engine repairs and suspension work are familiar to me. I have done some two stroke porting, many top end rebuilds, suspension revalves and more. Beyond my experience with dirt bikes, I have a Mechanical Engineering Degree and have been working in a manufacturing facility for nearly 20 years. I also have formal training in electronics. I even have many years experience as a pin setter mechanic in a bowling facility. Currently, I troubleshoot problems with CNC machining centers, weld robots and all kinds of production equipment. I am experienced with machine control systems and create PLC program code and touch screen applications for production processes.

I get no financial benefit from this site as I sell no products. However, I do include affiliate product links that I feel are valuable to dirt bike riders. My goal with any product link is to share those products that I approve of (or in some cases recommend). I try to do this in a manner that is helpful and to the point without a bunch of marketing foo foo and annoying advertisements.

Me riding at Aztec Raceway in Colorado Springs, CO in 2011.